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GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100

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GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100

GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100
GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100

Large Image :  GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HL
Model Number: 100*115*100 100*120*100 100*125*100 100*115*120
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard shipping package
Delivery Time: 5-15 days
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10,000 a week

GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100

Type: SLEEVE Material: GCr15/Customized
Name: Excavator Bucket Pins And Bushings Suitable Excavator(ton): 15ton, 18ton, 25ton, 30ton, 40ton
Size: 100*115*100 Color: Customer Required
High Light:

GCr15 excavator pin bushings


excavator pin bushings 100x115x100


digger bucket bushes 100x120x100

High-Quality New Wear-Resistant Excavator Spare Parts Bucket Bushing And Bucket Pin Bushing 100*115*100 100*120*100


Product Description:

Construction Machinery Parts Hardened Steel Sleeve Excavator Bucket Pins and Bushings

(1) made of material C45, GCr15, 42CrMo, 40Cr, etc.

(2) oil grooves machined inside of the bearing.

(3) after heat treatment, it can be improved of the hardness and wear resistance.

(4) widely applied in excavators and some crucial parts of the construction machine.


Other bushings available FITS for replace , KOMATSU,VOVOL, HITACHI machines.

3311522 3478175 1F0929 1F1288 1F1310
1F1652 1F1653 1F2692 1F2733 1F2743
1F2828 1F2834 1F3135 1F3786 1H8396
1J2087 1J2192 1J2303 1J5304 1K4682
1M4459 1S2233 1S7984 1U0563 1U0738
1U1618 1U2182 1U3848 1V1290 1V1292
1V3342 1V5635 1V5636 1V5736 1V6931
1V6934 1V7001 1V7002 1V7036 1V7038
1V7098 1V8240 1V8241 1V8242 1V8849
1V9143 1V9148 2A7089 2D4187 2D7937
2D8663 2F5867 2G7106 2G7387 2G7388
2G8607 2G8608 2G8624 2G8631 2G8635
2G8639 2G8661 2G8736 2G8738 2G8793
2J6530 2J8489 2K0045 2K2605 2K4373
2K4375 2K4441 2K4442 2K4443 2K4501
2K4502 2K4503 2K4505 2K4506 2K4507
2K4508 2K4509 2K4510 2K4511 2K4512
2K4513 2K5073 2K7647 2K7648 2K7814
2K8530 2K8714 2K9463 2P4698 2T1581
2V0394 2V0447 2V0706 2V0707 2V1256
2V1744 2V4331 2V4332 2V4876 2V5715
2V6550 3D0371 3D2909 3D4505 3D4718
3D5718 3F6889 3F6998 3F7414 3G0222
3G0472 3G0707 3G2579 3G2791 3G2797
3G2977 3G4292 3G4704 3G5281 3G5285
3G5999 3G6372 3G6402 3G6565 3G7570
3G7624 3G8051 3G8052 3G8115 3G8595
3G8779 3G9191 3G9402 3G9598 3G9967
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9V6342 9W0099 9W0330 9W0709 9W0876
9W3510 9W4481 07143-10505 07144-10405 07144-10607

GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 0GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 1GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 2GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 3GCr15 Excavator Pin Bushings 100x115x100 100x120x100 4



1. Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

We are a specialized machinery parts manufacturing company integrating product development, production, sales and service.


2. How to determine the parts are suitable for my excavator?

Please provide us with the correct model/machine serial number/any part number, or measure the part size, drawing.


3. What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no limit to this, it depends on the number of products you buy.


4. What are your advantages in the machinery manufacturing industry?

We have a strong spot inventory, fast delivery time, adopt the latest production technology and craftsmanship, high-quality products, and the best customer service.


5. How is the packaging of the goods?

Standard export packaging, wooden boxes, pallets, or according to customer requirements.


6. How long is the delivery time?

For products in stock, the delivery time is 2-7 days after the order is confirmed, and 15-25 days for other products. The specific need to communie and negotiate.


7. Can we customize products with our brand?

Of course, we welcome cooperation to customize OEM/ODM product services, which can be completed from design, production, packaging, and logistics.


8. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We usually accept T/T, L/C or Western Union. Other payment methods can also be negotiated.


9. Can you provide after-sales service?

Of course, we have professional after-sales technicians to help you solve the problems you encounter.


10. What other services can you provide?

10-1. Warranty for one year, free replacement for damage with abnormal wear.

10-2. Provide technical support to customers.

10-3. Help you develop the market.

10-4. Exclusive agent VIP treatment.

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Tel: +8615918854161

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